About Us

Rutt Fence is a woman-owned Fence Construction Company specializing in Commercial and Industrial fence projects. We have a C13 - Fence Construction License in the State of California and a C-14- Commercial Fencing License in the state of Arizona.

Our corporate officers are: Jana Rutt and Jeffrey Rutt.

With over 30 years of experience in the Fence Industry, Jeff has done numerous large-scale projects for military bases, schools, prisons, airports, border fence, etc., while Jana has her roots as a human resources executive for major retailers. Jeff's family had a fence company when he was a young adult and you could say fencing is "in his blood".

Together, Jana and Jeff started Rutt Fence in 2016. We started as a small family business focused on residential fencing and today, we are still family-owned but our focus has shifted to commercial work. These experiences have uniquely equipped Rutt Fence to handle the complexities of commercial/public works projects. Please let us help you with your next fence project!